Booster Club

General Meeting:
*New officers for 2010-2011
President: Kim Gregg
Parliamentarian- Cyndee Cedotal
    Co VP- Lori Gomez & Terri Ramon, Sec- Diana Blalock, Tres- Terri Real
    VP- Michelle Campos, Sec- Ramona Love, Tres- Annabelle Kung
    VP- Esther Chavarria, Sec- Julia Trejo, Tres- Herlinda Gomez
*Audit of all team bank accts is scheduled for May 24th

  Calendar- start May 11,. 50% of your sales will be credited to your childs Booster Club dues.
  All calendar ad sales must be turned in no later than June 7. Ad sales will only be accepted   with the booster club form.  Any addtl info can be obtained thru the Calendar Committee.
  Golf Tournament- in October…more info to follow

* Booster dues for each child are $75                  

This was one of the best meetings I have attended.  Thank you to everyone who was able to attend.  We were able to accomplish so much!!!!   
Each child is responsible to bring 1 case of water.  These waters are used at games and any cheer events for the group.

Committees were formed for 10-11 school year.  If there are any that you are interested in joining please let me know and I will keep you updated on upcoming meetings.
Please make sure you have your child turn in the “Information Sheet” and the “Intent to Financial Responsibility”